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Since 2005, the company Fonciariane provides sales and technical support for the real estate challenges of the Group companies.

The company originally led by Hervé Bonnière, and joined in 2008 by Frederic De Wazières, works closely with the administrative, financial and legal services of Ariane.


  • Fonciariane supports the Group Companies: she prospects the purchase of real estate sites or obtains leasing contracts and follows up the construction of the different sites.
  • Fonciariane also provides the facility management for all the groups’ site.


Its competence in project management helps to approach new areas of real estate activity.
  • It develops commercial real estate leased to third parties.
  • It conducts real estate development operations for resale to investors in the areas of student housing and nursing homes.



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60 rue de l’Harmonie

ZAC du Parc de la Haute Borne

59262 Sainghin-en-Mélantois

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60 rue de l’Harmonie

59262 Sainghin-en-Mélantois