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PCB Créations


The company was created in 1992 by Nathalie and Pierre Bach, specialized in the design and creation of premium chocolate decorations for professional pastry chefs and manufacturers.
The products of P.C.B. Creation are distributed among 5000 customers in France and in 90 countries, through the following distribution channels: food traders (pastries, restaurants, hotels), wholesalers, and manufacturers in France. The creation (design and technical innovation), production and the sales department are located in Benfeld in Alsace. The nearness between the services provides a high reactivity and creativity so that customer service is one of the most remarkable in its profession.
P.C.B. always seeks new processes to satisfy the customer needs. In the laboratory, pastry chefs experiment with what will be their next creation. P.C.B. supports their pastry chefs, by giving them a technical, practical and consistent solution so that they get the desired aesthetic effect in their confection. By working on color, shape and textures which allow the chocolate or other substances like sugar or marshmallow ,we create decorations for chocolate eggs, the padded log, wrapped chocolate cake ... Twice a year PCB publishes a catalog which highlights all the tricks and skills in the decoration of pastry .


2010 : Ariane acquiers P.C.B. Création.


address :

1 rue de Hollande

CS 60067

67232 Benfeld Cedex

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33 (0) 388 587 333 / 33 (0) 388 587 334

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It gathers businesses or industrial artisanal production in various catering occupation. It is devoted to the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds for the gastronomy, the different companies in this cluster share the pursuit of creativity, quality and service towards to the customers


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