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In 1987, Gerard Dufrénoy and Dominique Perrard created Kronos which became the expert in customized HR solutions focusing on human competences. Falling back on years of experiences in this domain, Kronos supports the development of its clients through three complementary expertises which creates added value for the company:


The Training

"Entrust us your teams, we will make them ready!”.It is through this signature that Kronos Training is recognized for its efficient and concrete educational approach, generating the desired results. Active in all fields of management, from customer and sales relationships, communication management, each consultant offers the right solutions for the successful development of the participant’s professional career. This tailor-made approach is guaranteed by a team of “educational engineers” 


The Coaching / the team-building

The successful outcome of personal development projects can only be achieved by the active participation of all participants. Kronos sets up the coaching and team building programs within reach of each team member (from CEO to supervisor), each team (from co-director to field team), and each company (from multinationals to regional PME). Our highly skilled consultants implement the program with an active focus on the participant himself ensuring rapid progress.


The Assessment

Talents exist at all levels of the enterprise: to reveal them is the job of Kronos.
From its experience in coaching managers at all levels and in many business sectors,  Kronos has developed an expertise evaluation and detection of human potential: the Assessment.
An assessment is participating in building a bright future by its core competencies and its sustainable differentiation. 
The Assessment center offers objective measurement of the human competences; to further elaborate the strategic resources from a short, middle and long-time perspective.
October 2011 : the Ariane group acquires Kronos.


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Leads companies whose mission is to develop the employee skills and facilitates human relations at work.

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