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In 2004, the family Torck chooses to allocate a sum of money to promote a non-profit project providing response to those at the margins of society. Their attention turns specifically to people with disabilities. A representative of the family has run this project in the exploration, design and implementation.

This is through meeting professionals in the health, medical and social sector - including -TC ,EPS Les Erables, La Bassee, Lille CHR - to volunteers in the nonprofit sector, the project is stated. And the association was found from the meeting in June 2005.
Its purpose is to create a home and projects for people with ABI due to a head injury or after other causes such as a stroke.
The association obtains authorization for the creation of a nursing home in a social and educational farm in June 2006 with the General Council and the DASS (newly appointed LRA). In 2008, as a result of funding agreements, the construction for housing and renovation of the farm starts.
On 19 October 2010, the home “La Vie Devant Soi“ welcomes their first resident. The home has capacity for 40 places:
  • 28 permanent places
  • 2 in temporary accommodation
  • 10 in day care
In 4 households, people with cerebral damage, are accompanied by a multidisciplinary team (nursing auxiliaries, AMP, special educators, occupational therapists, social worker ...) and enjoy activities to promote independence and their well-being in the context of a therapeutic farm: gardening, animal care, cooking, pottery, reading newspaper, sewing, computering ...
After a few weeks of life in the nursing home, each person writes with the help of the team, his life plan, taking into account their needs and aspirations of the moment.
One of the missions of the home is also to support each person, to develop and realize his life plan in collaboration with the family. Families are involved in the operation of the institution, notably by of a Council of la Vie Sociale.
The home is willing to open his institution to the external environment to promote the residents and/or received, a citizen involvement.



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Legally independent from the holding company Ariane, the association "La Vie Devant Soi" was born from the will of family shareholders and other professional and family stakeholders, to provide answers to persons with a specific handicap -cerebrovascular -damage by trauma or disease.

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